Electricity meters

April 2009. The Transition Bath Energy group is running a project open to anyone in Bath who wants to make an effort reduce their electricity consumption. We have purchased a number of electricity monitoring meters (Model: Owl Cm119) which are available to borrow for a small contribution to Transition Bath. These meters fit very easily and safely on to the domestic mains electricity connection and provide a continuous and easy to read display of the amount of electricity (in kW) being used. This information then allows and encourages the householders to go round turning off things which are not necessary! Estimates suggest that households can save 20-25% off their bills by this means.

owl-box-hand-LCD-200x660-1.jpg owl-box-hand-LCD-200x660-2.jpg owl-box-hand-LCD-200x660-3.jpg
Some pictures of the Owl Cm119

All we ask is that anyone interested to join the scheme should take 4 weekly meter readings from their normal meter before they start the experiment and 4 weekly readings after, and provide this information to us. We can thus hopefully see what has been gained by the experiment.

See also the page on the Transition Bath web site

For further details of the Energy Group or to get involved contact project administrator Ian Gilchrist on: ian_gilchrist at bathnes.gov.uk
or telephone 01225-334775.

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