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What you can do

Eat no or less meat

One effective way of saving resources related to food, is becoming a vegetarian or vegan. However, if that goes too far for you, it is still very well possible, just by eating meat less often. For more information about this, see the Feastarian website. By eating no or less meat you are helping to limit the huge amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere through the whole process of producing meat.

While the health issues of vegetarianism and veganism are under constant debate, it has absolutely been proven that a human being doesn't need to eat meat every day. It has just become a habit because people like meat, and one day somebody invented a cheap way of producing it (the well-known bio-industry), thus bringing it within everyday reach for everybody. Nice for the 'equal opportunities' idea, but a disaster for animal welfare, the climate and the planet as a whole.

Eat organic

Another effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of your food is eating organic. Organic food is nowadays widely available, not much more expensive, and tastes so much better too!

And if you find organic meat too expensive to buy every day, that is easily solved by becoming a feastarian at the same time - see above.

Eat local

An obvious way to reduce your 'food miles' is, of course, eating local or national produce. Note however, that vegetables grown in greenhouses in Britain may have been more wasteful in energy than those that have come to us from under the sun of Spain! However, a sure way of getting local, open-air farmed produce is going to the Farmers' Market, on Saturday mornings in Green Park Station in Bath. And of course, the most local you can get is when you produce your own veg in your own allotment!

Transition Bath now have a stall at the Bath Farmers Market. Please contact Chris to volunteer to give an hour or two of your time one Saturday a month. chris.rakoczi at

Movements have also started in Bath to come together to start some form of community supprted agriculture.

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