Add a Page

If you add a new bit of information, it'll often be useful to do this on a new page.

To add a page to the site:

  1. Look on the left side of this site (below the tags).
  2. In the field under 'Add a new page', type a name for the new page (which will determine the name of the html file).
  3. Click the button 'new page'. This will open the editor.
  4. Do all you want in the editor (see Edit pages).
  5. You can also modify the title of the page, which doesn't need to be the same as the name, but is the text at the header of the page.
  6. Save your page bly clicking the 'save' button.

If you add a page, make sure it can be found one way or the other. The best ways for this are the following, of which you can do either, or both:

  • Add a link to the new page on another page:
    1. Go to that other page
    2. Click 'Edit' below that page; this will open the editor.
    3. On the place where you want the link to be, type: [[[page name]]] or [[[page name | link text]]], where Page name is the name of your new page, and link text is the text reading in the link (if other than the page name).
  • Include a link to the new page on the top bar menu. To do that, see Edit top bar menu.
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